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Wood Burning Heaters

Our goal is to provide you with superior products that will IMPROVE YOUR WAY OF LIFE. We understand the importance of cost effective living. This energy and cost efficient furnace will positively help you save money. We are pleased to be proud dealers HAWKEN FURNACES. Our website will show you the many features that make this furnace “THE CHOICE OF HOME, FARM, & BUSINESS OWNERS”throughout the area. We are confident that after you compare, you will choose DPC to help supply you with your furnace.

The pictures to the right are of two Hawken HE3000 Wood Burning Furnaces. These were both installed at a early wean nursery unit in Delphi, IN in the fall of 2007.


The HE3000's are heating THREE 40' x 300' buildings, by simply burning wood.


These buildings hold 8,500 pigs. Temperature's in this building are required to be set at a MINIMUM of 82º for the first week of receiving new pigs. The owner of these hog buildings saved MORE THEN HALF of the cost on his L.P. BILL IN THE FIRST YEAR!!!! So, as you can see, these Wood Burning Furnaces are a great alternative and show results right away!

HE-2100 - Two Building Structural Plate Steel HE-2100 $7.295.00